Posted by GAC on June 25, 2016

The Women in Business Series (formerly Empowering Women), invites you to join us in 2018 to identify and learn all of the amazing ways you can leverage your “Super Powers”, both personally and professionally. Our theme for the year will be “A Roadmap to a Better Me”.  This four-part series is designed to, at its conclusion, provide each member an inspiring road map for your designated path to fulfillment.

October 18 – “How Discovering My Superpowers Changed My Life”.  Women In Business is excited to have Pia Fitzgerald, Owner of Baobob Village Wellness Group, as our guest speaker for this event. Baobob Village Wellness Group is a comprehensive wellness practice specializing in clinical counseling, wellness coaching, fitness and wellness initiative development.

Pia has worked in education for over 20 years in a variety of leadership roles. While climbing the career ladder and managing her family, Pia rode the weight loss roller coaster on the scale. In 2008, she made the mental, emotional and spiritual shift necessary to lose the weight. To date, she has lost over 70 lbs! Baobob Village Wellness Group develops clients through creative, playful, purposeful counseling, coaching and training. They offer multi-tiered programming so each client’s experience is personalized to achieve results. Pia takes pleasure in helping others implement a transformation plan that moves beyond existence ans survival to living life well!

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