Group Health Insurance

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A look at the benefits of health care reform.”

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What You Need to Know About PPACA* and Health Care Reform

  • What’s your favorite metal? All health plans are changing to one of four styles: platinum, gold, silver or bronze.Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Group and individual pricing has changed to a community rating.  Contact us to determine the impact for your company.
  • Guaranteed Issue means no more health questions and no one can be turned down.
  • Government approved plans will leave gaps in coverage. Learn how to help your employees fill those gaps.
  • Understand the penalties related to employee benefits, before they begin in 2015.

*Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Central Ohio Chambers of Commerce Plans Administered by Shawan Marquis Agency

Contact a chamber representative from the list below, or call 1-888-506-1574, or fill out the online form at to request a free quote and find out how much your company can save.

  • Collins Financial Services, Inc   Charlie Collins:  (614) 975-5938
  • Detwiler-Brofford Insurance, Inc   Jason Brofford:  (614) 471-4888
  • Grady Enterprises, Inc.   Kacey Grady:  (614) 224-4432
  • Shawan-Marquis Agency, Inc.   Erin Gatto:  (614) 889-0250
  • Wichert Insurance   Jeff Cashman: (614) 426-9046