Image depicting Group Rated Workers’ Compensation

Group Rated Workers’ Compensation

Lower your workers’ compensation
premiums today!

Now is the time to have your program evaluated for participation in alternative rating programs provided by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) and sponsored by the Gahanna Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Through our workers’ compensation third party administrator, CompManagement, Inc., your organization can see how participation in a program will impact your costs as well as how these programs can be stacked together to achieve the maximum savings available for your organization.  CompManagement takes seriously our responsibility of providing you with an accurate projection.  We pride ourselves on estimating your workers’ compensation premiums so you can set your annual budget with confidence.

  • Group Rating Program –discounts typically range between 15% to the maximum discount available from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation which for policy year 2012 was 53%
  • Stacking Options:  add on participation in Destination Excellence (1 – 3%), Drug Free Safety Program (4 – 7%), $15k Medical Only Program, and Safety Council performance bonus (2%)

Not eligible for Group Rating?  Consider participating in one of the following programs:

  • Group Retrospective Rating Program – similar to group experience rating but an employer continues to pay their individual premium with the potential to receive retrospective premium adjustments at the end of three evaluation periods; most groups can expect to save between 5% and 45% with claim costs included.
  • Large/Small Deductible Program – receive a discount up to 77% for large deductible and 26% for small deductible participation in exchange for agreeing to pay a set amount of costs associated with a claim.
  • 100% EM Cap – a 100% cap is placed on the amount an individual employer’s experience modifier can increase from year to year.
  • Workplace Wellness grants – integrating wellness activities with workers’ compensation efforts yields a better return on investment, reduction in return-to-days as well as the frequency and severity of claims when coordinated; grants are available up to $15,000 for a four year period
  • Transitional Work grants – transitional work plans can save employers money by returning injured workers back to the workplace in a timely manner; a back-end bonus is possible of up to 10% of pure premium based on the successful use of transitional work in eligible claims

If your current third party administrator is not providing your organization with these alternative options, or elevating your service experience, consider enlisting the services of CompManagement, Ohio’s leading workers’ compensation administrator and take advantage of this tremendous member benefit offered by the Gahanna Area Chamber.

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