Membership Luncheon: 9/10/15 11:30am to 1:00pm Jefferson Co. Club

Posted by on August 28, 2015

The City of Gahanna is taking an aggressive approach in

shaping its economic future. The City partnered with industry

experts to create a plan that will direct its economic development

efforts for the next five years. The plan provides thoughtprovoking

insights into Gahanna residents, businesses and

its local economy. The results will give each listener a better

understanding of who Gahanna is today and who Gahanna can

be tomorrow.

The City and a team of experts will be providing a summary of the plan and sharing its

relevant recommendations that will have a great impact on our community. Come and

get a first-hand look at the following:

• How does Gahanna compare to other Central Ohio cities?

• How do businesses perceive the Gahanna community?

• Are there major shifts in our local economy?

• How significant are entrepreneurs to our local economy?

• Is Gahanna’s economic future sustainable?

• What areas are targeted for commercial, lodging and residential growth?

• How can you help make this plan a reality?

From current industry trends to future development potential projects, this event will

provide knowledge that will be valuable for your business.

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